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  • Exclusive - CREA is the only independent online network exclusively available to agents who have obtained a CRS or CRB designation.

  • Referrals - Increase referrals from other CRS/CRB agents.

  • Increased client contacts - The CREA network is involved with numerous internet marketing campaigns to drive targeted traffic to the site.

  • Personal Web Page - Included in membership is a fully interactive personal web page. CREA members can update listings, personal biographies, company name and phone, and upload photos directly from your computer.

  • Affordable - Lifetime Membership is a one-time fee of $95.00. No further costs or charges for as long as you are an active Realtor.

  • Unlimited Listings - Members can post unlimited listings and each property can have up to 4 photos and a Virtural Tour link.

  • Service Communities - Members can be listed in all the communities they serve at no additional cost.

  • Active - The CREA network is active. Over 3,000 designated agents are participating.

  • Reliability - The CREA web site is fast, easy to use, and reliable. CREA members value the trouble-free and time saving features. Uploading photos and searching for agents has never been easier.

  • Note: The Certified Real Estate Agents' Referral Network is a web-based alliance of professional Realtors. Using the network when placing referrals is not mandatory, but strongly encouraged. There are no middle fees and referrals are conducted directly between members.
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