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Barbara Eads

"It is great to have a good network of other professionals, with easy access to reach at a moments notice. The referrals are very good. Thank you for the good opportunities."

- Barbara Eads
Barbara Eads Realty, Inc.,Tavernier,FL

Rosemarie Averhoff

"Having an official website for Certified Residential Specialists, especially one that is user friendly seems to be a plus. My daughter and my partner Kirstin is a CRS as well. We teamed up in 1996 after she graduated from USC. She is an Accountant but really enjoyed working with me. Unfortunately she got sick and is working on her recovery. Thank you for making it available to us, Sellers and Buyers. It helps us with additional marketing to reach more buyers daily from all over the US and around the world. Thank you. Rosemarie and Kirstin"

- Rosemarie Averhoff
The Capital Relocation Group, Inc @ Metro Realty Group LLC,West Columbia,SC

HALEY DAHLQUIST, Principal Broker/Owner

"Thank you for creating an easy to use interactive web site. I look forward to networking with other members! I think it is wonderful and a great alternative."

- HALEY DAHLQUIST, Principal Broker/Owner

Dawn O'Neal

"You were GREAT - Thanks for such great service - Will definitely look forward to dealing with a group of such responsive individuals!!! I checked it out, added a listing, revised a listing and it was SO easy. Thanks for making the technology so accessible!! Really makes us look good too!"

- Dawn O'Neal
Dawn O'Neal - Independent Broker/REALTORŪ,San Jose,CA

Ted Breden

"This is a wonderful web site...Glad that you E-mailed me this information."

- Ted Breden
Keller Williams Success Realty,Barrington,IL

Steve Cramer

"It is great that there is a place where consumers can find agents that have demonstrated their experience and commitment to the industry by obtaining certification. Long over due."

- Steve Cramer
Exit Realty Cherry Creek,Broomfield,CO

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